A dog and a woodpecker

Home fairy tales unknown ...She became a woman woodpecker catching and caught again, and planted under the sieve. He came home a man, he is met by the hostess. - Well, his wife - he says - on the road with me misfortune. - Well, her husband - she says - and with my..

Fulfillment of desires

Family life all proceeds differently. Sexual life within the family is undoubtedly a part of family life, and therefore there may be full of differences. In our a 5 year life together is clearly a trend "sex on the cards". And for my part wish to be lost, and where to..

How to break the hymen

I had to deprive innocent virgins. Comparing the first such case with those who were then, I can say that the skilled man doing it skilfully. With such a man the girl turns easier and painless. I have seen a variety of options defloration on video. Licensed discs such video..


It all started with the fact that we are with all the guys went to the gym. In general, we often went there, nothing special. Come early in the morning, but by that time there appeared a little boy younger than us. Also like anything special. Sanya Dima pump over quickly, and..

Money is very necessary

Money was very much needed. I watched as a neighbor Uncle Nick lowered his shorts with shorts, and was silent. And he lowered slowly. First the dense thicket of reddish they grew entirely from one foot to the other, and seemed to be dense forest. Then appeared the main trunk. It..

About tickling - 2

This is a continuation of the events described in the story "about tickling". It was all really. It needs help readers! Hi, this is again Borja (13). If you read my story a week ago, you can still remember, that to me, brother and sister came to visit our cousin..

Oshibochka out

Hello! I shall soon be fifty dollars and I do in my spare time to wander and read on an Internet pornorasskazov. There are simply interesting and fun - real Life is simply fantasy youngsters and types of patients. Many times people read had sexual contact with their close..

Sex in the gym. Part 1.

After the events that are described in the stories of a brothel, a month passed. My life is back on track. I fuck with my brother, fucking with his friends, fucked in school with their classmates, physical trainer, sometimes after school enrolled and engaged in lesbian sex with..

Short Stories: Confessions of a whore; Perverted sex with neighbor

I was on my knees and swallowed his balls. They were great and they had a lot of sperm. With one hand I podrachivala his big riser and a finger of the other hand I was massaging his anus. He groaned ... it was good. It is enough to warm up his sperm to eggs, I sent him a member..


I want to tell you the story of my girlfriend ... Her name is Vika, her 20 and she brunette .. Vick is an instructor in the fitness club, loves sports, and it looks amazing: her silicone tits awesome, cool, I would say, a model and elastic ass, slender and slightly podkachennye..
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