- Hi! - I said in the phone. - Do not expect? - Hello ... - a woman's voice was confused and even more scared. - You have the phone number changed ... I was waiting for the call, of course. It has long been waiting for. Very happy. Only now ... not the most convenient time to..

Your ticket

Brief introduction by the author. This is the second in the series of seven works of authorship. The basis of the story on a true story that happened to my best friend. The truth in this story is 80-85 percent, and the rest - my fiction (well, where I can really know what at..

Demons Laura

Day 32. At first, Laura thought that it blows a gentle breeze, caressing her hair, waving clothing fabric. As soon as she came to herself, touching began to seem more realistic, more carnal. She tried to raise his head from the pillow, but was unable to, neck and shoulders as if..

Linney and Beth (Part 2: The Wedding Beth)

You - my girl-July, hips breathe love the heat, And moan sweet hair I open the deity And juice adolescence. And sob, and seizures. Standing Over odrom our morning, and I welcome the Christmas Your, Sappho! Your life juice flowing between my palms And in the rush of your..

Linney and Beth (Part 1: The Abduction)

A month after the game in the harness I suddenly called Beth and she said that they are very bored, and that Lin really "out of hand". According to her, it is now only a lace panties, lipstick, every day demands that she introduced him in the ass dildo and says that we..

Dissolute daughter

Despite the warm, thick socks and soft carpet, kneeling was still tough. I looked up. Father looked at me expectantly, with an almost indifferent face. Quiet, almost in a whisper: "Come on," and his hand fell on my hair, gently squeezing his head, pulled him slightly...

Photoshoot with Yegor

Stories Ani. Photoshoot with Egor.     After famously spent the weekend came again a boring week. Misha on work and study, I'm home alone.     On Monday morning, he called Light and told me to help her choose a dress, or rather even just to..

Me and my wife

Hello. I decided to write my story. I am 28 years old. Married for 2 years to a girl that really love. But we have a very strange relationship. Even though we are married 2 years, we had never sex. When we started dating, she put the following condition - we are building a..

Fast-Peter Moscow

In the institute I had a girlfriend. Among other things, we shared a dorm room for two. About the second course, the friendship turned into a sexual relationship that lasted until the end of the study, and then we parted ways. Each of us had a family, children, she moved with..

Women's thirst

Tamara was coming to the office door when she heard because the door ajar voice of Christine, his secretary. She was on the phone. -... She is all muzhikovataya, cutting her short, - said Kristina. - I think she's a lesbian. Christina giggled and continued: - She sometimes..
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